Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Right Package

Do you think it's plainly too difficult to juggle the complications of traveling while trying to stay fashionable? Are you one of those who often board flights in slouchy dresses or shorts? Looking chic while traveling doesn't have to be hassle;Here I share how you can dress comfortably and still look fashionable!

Behind every woman there is a reliable bag – tote. Most times when you look around in an airport most women are carrying bags which contain disparate objects of their lives, this simple, classic but awkwardly big shape bags speak a lot like everything a woman own is therein. Why? We often ask ourselves.

When a 5-day trip luggage looks like an entire wardrobe relocation then there should be a call for alarm. While being comfort¬able when traveling doesn’t necessarily mean all style rules are off it’s also important to note that the air¬port, the plane and the destination are not runways or change rooms where you play dress-up. Little is quite essential, especially when on a trip; a cute little dress is always an accurate do in any travel baggage but excess of everything – jewelries, extra handbags, more than three pairs of shoes, more than two pairs of jeans, dresses - unless there’s a plan to make ene¬mies of everyone that walks by, accessories should be kept minimal, simple, it’s not the time to show that you have more than enough.
Less is always better. Whether traveling for few days or weeks packing right is essential, you shouldn't need more than one carry-on size bag (or backpack) and one smaller bag (personal items). For a short term trip, there should be less worry, less fuss, less baggage to lose or lug around. Why pack excess, why pack more than you need? At least two weeks before a trip, the destination should be considered and a list should be made – a list of all clothing and non-clothing items that will be needed on the trip, example; jeans, shirts, shoes, underwear, socks, camera, passport, guidebook, etc. There should also be a list of the specific clothing items, example; long-sleeved white turtleneck, navy sweater, 3 pair of shoes etc.

If you don't already have a carry-on size bag, preferably a roller bag or backpack that will easily fit in the overhead bin….Lay out all the items on your list, clothing and non-clothing. Roll the clothing, rather than fold it. (It wrinkles less and takes up less space.) If the clothing does not easily fit into the bag, then rethink each item.
Most travelers take items they end up not using or not needing. An essential question to ask when parking is how practical the item is and how likely it will be needed. Carry all valuables, e.g., cash, credit cards, passport, tickets, etc., in a money belt, especially when traveling to a foreign country. It’s also appropriate to have a small waist pack. Leave enough room in the smaller, under-the-seat bag to stash the waist pack when you go through airport screening. Also place most of the non-clothing items, such as camera, guidebook, etc in a smaller bag, along with toiletries and a change of probably socks and underwear. The bag should zip without difficulty if it is not overstuffed. Remember, it has to fit into a small space in the aircraft. But once the destination is reached, some items will be quite important a small amount of cash, pen, notebook, keys, cell phone, etc., in the waist pack and valuables in the money belt, out of sight. Carrying the right amount of weight in the right bag, or bags, is as important as wearing the right size and kind of shoe. If the bags don't feel comfortable well, you know what to do. Eliminate and keep at it until you get it right!

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