Monday, December 26, 2011

Fashion Jewelry – A Splurge, Splash or Save?

Everyone wants a treasured piece of jewelry but people do not realize that if they cannot afford the real deal, there are more options.

Gone are those days of longing. Fashion jewelry is making a splash! No longer do you have to scrimp and save in order to buy a necklace. One major fashion investment which in my opinion is a fairly obvious piece in every wardrobe is the black shoes. Black shoes, specifically black heels, are a wardrobe necessity worth investing on. They go with everything, from your little black dress to your favourite dark-wash jeans, and instantly add sexiness and glamour to every outfit. But so does your jewelry, but do they both require same splurge, or say perhaps splash of cash? No, not really.
A common misconception is that fashion jewelry is too fake looking. Well, maybe not quite wrong because somehow they give you a polished look and while on one hand more expensive shoes are of higher quality which therefore makes them more comfortable and long lasting than cheap shoes. Conversely, I suggest investing in at least one or two pairs of more expensive, classic, “wear with anything” shoes that will last you forever. Does this equally apply to jewelries?

Now, you can get almost as real looking as real. Most people think that this title comes along with only costume jewelry but little do they realize that it is not even remotely true. Yes, there is definitely plenty of such stuff that look fake; there is the play and costume jewelry. Little girls wrap plenty of these fake beads around them all day. There is however, nicer "fake" jewelry. You do not have to only spend ridiculous amount of money to achieve the status of having a nice piece of jewelry.

Fashion jewelry comes in different types; there are of course diamonds and pearls, and all the imitations of the different stones. If you buy a good quality, you might not even be able to tell that it is not real. Sometimes, even when you can tell it is not real, it is still beautiful and can be quite fashionable. These days, a lot of people at one point or the other opt for a piece of fashion jewelry. Sometimes, it is even their first choice. Therefore, you do not only have to wear an expensive piece of jewelry to make a statement; you can do this with fashion jewelry.

Again, buying fashion jewelry gives you the ability to have a selection of different items. You might have a necklace or two with real diamonds that you would like to save for a very special occasion. For every other time, you can buy a variety of fashion jewelry. You are then able to have something new for each outfit you wear! Since it does not cost nearly as much money as real jewelry, you can afford to go all out on getting something new each time you have an occasion. Whether at a party, a night out with friends, or even a game, the possibilities are endless!

Today, it is everywhere! From every boutique you walk into, friends who always have one of everything to every stand at the local trade fair or exhibition. Some are better quality than others, so it is good to get from a reputable, nice store. And do not think that you are the only one who is doing this. Everyone who is anyone wears fashion jewelry. Just about anyone you’ve seen wearing jewelry on a regular day, are not wearing a real diamond or pearl. It is highly accepted and recommended. It has become an acceptable fashion statement that saves you money.

There is no longer reason to be ashamed if you cannot afford a new necklace for your friend's wedding; or an event where everyone will be wearing beautiful new jewelry. Majority of those people are wearing fashion jewelry! You are saving money and still being fashionable. It’s all in a good time, right? You will get that gorgeous diamond and pearl necklace you have your eye on, one day. In the mean time, why not go with a cheaper option? It's still a beautiful first choice, and nobody will know the difference!


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