Thursday, July 7, 2011

MTN British Council Lagos Fashion and Design Week Awards 2011

The Nigerian fashion industry as a whole thrives on the existence of designers, models, stylists, photographers, pr consultants, retailers, textile designers, manufacturers and other creatives in the industry who keep the cyclical wheels of the Nigerian fashion industry churning from process, product and to the final user. The MTN LFDW awards aims to promote the development, growth and promotion of creatives in the industry by nurturing, fine tuning and harnessing their skills as well as providing them with a solid platform for achieving their goals.

MTN British Council Young Creative Entrepreneur of the Year (YCE Fashion Sector)

The Young Creative Entrepreneur (YCE) awards programmed is unique in that it rewards the talent and initiative of young creative entrepreneurs from across the creative industries recognising the central role they play in the development of a competitive and sustainable creative economy. It champions those who find new ways to take creative work to audiences and communities – e.g. new models of production, distribution, value – and highlights the wider social, economic and cultural benefits in doing so.

There are different design categories in within this umbrella – publishing, design, music, screen, fashion, interactive and performing arts.

One of the key objectives of this programme is to sensitise the UK creative sector to the opportunities that come from working with other creative entrepreneurs in emerging economies. A second objective is to better understand the dynamics of being an entrepreneur in the creative economy. Throughout the programme we seek opportunities to achieve both this sensitisation and understanding.
However, this year, the YCE will focus on only the fashion industry. The Nigerian Fashion industry though in its infancy, is fast becoming an innovative design environment with different people in the industry, playing their individual parts in the growth and development of a unified whole. MTN British Council has identified the need to identify such talents and provide them with the right networking abilities to further expose their business to the much needed prominence and simultaneously grow the Nigerian fashion industry.

The winner of the Fashion award will be invited to take part in a tour of the industry in the UK. We anticipate that this tour will take place in September 2011

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