Monday, June 6, 2011

Love it or Hate it She's a Fashion Icon

Well, the 10th Annual Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards were held tonight in Alice Tully Hall at NYC's Lincoln Center, and it seems like they love her style.

In fact, the CFDA loves it so much, that they presented her with the Fashion Icon Award for 2011.

I am not that confused but I think bit confused (that shows my level of confusion)but seriously why should Lady Gaga get the Fashion Icon Award? For what exactly, Dressing awkardly insane? I really do no not see anything special in her dressence or style, I think Gaga just tries too hard to make an impression, to me she doesn't come up as a spontaneos 'crazy' style person but more of a properly arranged insane dresser.
"Fashion made me feel like a star before I was," Gaga said during her acceptance speech.

Well, she got it and I am here rambling so with *glasses raised high* I say congrats Gaga!

Now, make some effort to convince us you deserve that award - a true effort I mean.

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