Monday, May 23, 2011

There's a New Dimension to Protecting Heels - Heel Condoms

Though it sounds totally weird, heel condoms is the new dimension to protecting those shoe heels that often crush. Aside from making your shoes different, Heel Condoms protect the heel, hence the name "condom". According to Sandrysabel Ortiz, the 23 year old young woman entrepreneur behind Heel Condoms, the name was chosen wisely to serve as a publicity stunt and have it be in everyone's head, whether they loved it or hate it. Like all women, she wanted to fit her closet of shoes into her suitcase, that's when Heel Condoms was born. She thought: "If we dress up, why not dress up our shoes?"

Another upside of the name is its ability to indirectly promote safe sex practices, which is currently a crucial issue. Women love being asked about their shoes, just so they can say: "It’s not the shoe you like, it's the condom!?" Therefore, Heel Condoms is not only used as a fashion statement around the world but also as a conversation piece or a simple ice breaker!

I think they're cool.


The Corner Shop said...

I'm actually liking these condoms oh!


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