Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Love His Shoes - Fally Ipupa at MTV Party, Lagos

Fally Ipupa recently visited Nigeria and performed at Tribeca. Heard it was an fun, just as pictures confirmed. Fally especially wore a pair of shoes that looked really beautiful - I love it!

A friend that attended however confirmed that Fally's orange shoes are made of rubber..Yes, they are rubber shoes. I still can believe but I'm on a mission.

Mission to confirm if Fally's shoes are actually made of rubber, if so, who is the designer amongst other questions.

Till then, check out pictures of Fally Ipupa wearing his orange 'rubber' shoes.

Picture from: Bellanaija


The Corner Shop said...

Hahaha!! Err... no to orange plastic shoes oh!


Anonymous said...

viviene westood