Sunday, April 10, 2011

Have You Heard About Ankara Press?

Ankara Press, a new publishing firm with a strong focus on romantic fiction for the African market is set to prove that today’s African woman deserves a romance that reflects the richness of her life.

The Ankara Press is set to showcase the modern African woman in all strength and complexity whilst also giving her tools to shape her own destiny. In stories, independent, capable women meet handsome, charming men who will respect their choice and support their voice. They represent women with strength, passion and wisdom of what they desire even while considering the society at large.
African Press seeks strong, original voices who can tell fast-paced, engaging and reasonable stories. They want scenarios that discard dangerous notions of male dominance, control and manipulation. Above all, they want writers who will allow African women see the best version of themselves in print.
Have you got it? Contact Chinelo Onwalu : for submissions and terms

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