Monday, January 10, 2011

Number 10 Lounge is 10/10

No.10 is something of a charming underworld. Located on Saka Tinubu Street Victoria Island in a large and glittery building, this inviting and cozy restaurant feels like an intimate world away from the hustle and bustle of the ever busy Lagos loop. Lunchtime is particularly busy at this cool restaurant, where power-crowd corporate and sociable professionals rub elbows and hold court.

It was a beautiful day which had also been quite boring for me, so all I wanted to do was chill somewhere soothing – and yes, NO 10 it was, I wanted to just go in there, get a good meal and head back to Lekki – even as I also got bordered about the messy traffic on Lekki road – but it happened all differently, I was infected with pretty a huge hype that quickened my senses making me a lot easier. It was more than I expected, I got good home-fashioned cooking in lovely dishes, fantastic ambience, smiley faces, decent rest room(when I had to), colourful wall paintings, comfortable seat that allowed me relax with my meal even as I watched the TV and laughed off jokes with couple friends.

Although the restaurant stopped working a while back when the drumbeat of publicity became too low for both diners and clubbers but the restaurant which now has a fantastic décor, beautiful attendants and the coolest service around is back and offering the very best too. Yay!
That the chef at NO 10 can cook is hardly in question. To start NO 10 has quite skilled chefs. Décor at NO 10 somehow makes it possible to eat as well chill with friends in the lounge and VIP area; savour some bites as if they were sonnets, enjoy tender grilled slightly smoky fish to the plump beef burger stuffed with beef, bread, lettuce, onions, tomato, mayonnaise and topped with perfectly thick and spicy cocktail sauce as the day spins through the wheels of the excellent DJ.
It however happens that classic continental dishes with a contemporary flair have made NO 10 my favourite these days. NO 10 also offers African menu all less than N2, 000 one that gives an uncommon gastronomic experience, special offers include; Ogbono soup, Pounded yam, Oha, Semovita, Edi Kai Kong, goat meat, snails, Yam Pottage (N1, 000), Beans & Plaintain(N800)
The subdued elegance of the interior with arched walkways, murals and original art provides an intimate atmosphere that is perfect for business lunches, pre-theater dining, romantic dinners or private parties. The graffiti plastered on the wall of the lounge area is directly reminiscent of the very common things and places in Lagos; it’s one of the unique features I really love about. And the VIP area is simply splendid…No more because seeing does believe.
My choice of meal was quite simple; I opted for the tasty Jumbo Prawns(N3, 500) spiced with white pepper/ fish spice and Pasta - Spaghetti Bolognaise (minced meat, onions, tomatoes, garlic, olive oil) just for N1, 000. I would admit though that although I get to eat jollof rice like every other day that served in NO 10 is out of this world.

No 10 is owned by Nigerian soccer legend Austin "Jay-Jay" Okocha, and believe it when I tell you, NO 10's got a nice restaurant and a trendy bar. The Bar on one hand is of international standard with drinks from all continent NO 10 also has all the world-wide accepted cocktails(I can’t come to pick one restaurant I’ve been that does) and there are 10 specials combined, blended by professional bar tenders that looked stunning in fit uniforms . The restaurant on the other is a feel of the continental cuisine, with specialties like Peppered fish, Chicken based meals and out of this world finger foods and burgers. Jay Jay Okocha apparently has not just built a restaurant but he has built a hangout in which it is possible to eat well and also share a really good time with friends and family.
Now I can count on inventive dishes at warm and friendly No. 10, which raises restaurant dining to a higher level, I’ll always be glad to visit NO 10 when I need that home-away- safe feel especially with friends.

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