Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dele Momodu Declared for the National Conscience Party (NCP)

Today December 18th 2010, at the Eaqle Square Park, Ikeja Presidential aspirant, Bashorun Dele Momodu was declared for the National Conscience Party.

Bashorun Dele Momodu

In his speech Dele Momodu shares his decision to join the National Conscience Party, he says; "my decision is based purely on principle. I am not looking for a job, if i wanted a job in government then i would have rushed to the PDP where they share all the jobs. Today I am happy to be welcomed home by my brothers and sisters at the National Conscience Party(NCP)".

NCP Chairman, Femi Falana

Host, Ohimai

Sharing further, Dele Momodu tells how he looks forward to a robust contestin his party primaries and promises that if he emerges as the flag-bearer of the party, together with their leaders and members will enforce the basic tenets of their manifesto for the Nigerian people.

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