Thursday, September 10, 2009


As the countdown to the greatest gift to Nigeria at her 49th Independence gets close. The Brown Heart family seems to be asking the genie (remember Aladdin lamp) to grant them their request
with optimism but this time not three wishes; since Creative Five World has been known to be associated with historic dates starting with o7-07-07 his event field marshal worked with the organisers of 60 celebrities, 12 Nigerian designers to achieve Stars on the Runway, the same was said of 08-08-08 where 8 celebrities, all men were dipped in the Spa. These were creative cradle steps taken at that time to linger in the memories of his clients and to attest to how creative they could be. Now, 09-09-09 the C5W is arrested for advocacy yes! And the bail is the support it gets from corporate Nigeria. The business community would get the practical opportunities of showcasing their products through ‛subtle' advertising and to express our GRATITUDE they would get when engaged, we intend to work with Insight communications to achieve these. Its spokesperson expressed these in an interactive media chat that the Southern Sun Ikoyi & Swe Bar is an ideal venue for the August visitor come Oct.2 and Oct.4 2009, the venue intends to accommodate 100 VIPS with 49 Individuals and 27 brands known as brand pillars of the heart from the categories of catwalk, voluntourism and Diaspora fame. The Pre-event Friendly Friday will hold on the ninth floor for media chats and unveiling of Youth at Heart Ambassador before the premiered movie which is still under wraps at the moment at an exclusive Cinema, where they would be chauffeur driven to. On a Super Sunday, an inner fashionista is intended to be expressed by Shegz kool for the style team on the runway for role models, Clemas, Clothsense and Ouch who are members of the B.H.C ambassadors in the fashion department would be giving out special discounts to guest to enable her guests to look stylish in the dress code prescribed which is every shades of brown with subtle splashes of green and Gold. Style Channels and the prints media would provide exclusive coverage for the ideal best dressed and gifts would be presented.
Yvent Kouture would provide an ambience that is second to none that is brown themed with a sense of royalty don’t be surprised when you see a castle with queens presenting goodie bags for the guests, Reddington & other related health organizations cardiologists for medical advice , One Management intends to provide technical supervision for its execution, Swag Craft is helping out with structures and implementations, while Toda entertainment would be providing logistics, Hexavia would be providing the website where everyone can connect to Brown Heart Ambassadors through twitter & facebook. There would be a live band support by Salt of the Earth Band, free exhibition for Kenya Airways, Veda laptops, Aiico Insurance and for the brand pillars of the heart. The official logo of the Brown Heart Foundation would be unveilved today & Scholarship for a graphics course would also be presented to the Head Honcho courtesy James Alabi of Abinibi Creative Academy followed by a special live broadcast interview on Today on STV, and other breakfast shows in the week. We use this medium to appeal to Corporate Nigeria and C5W has no intention to use the above Organisation as a form of endorsement for the August Visitor. What is August Visitor we asked? He paused and added that we ought to know that the August Visitor is the imposing, dignified guest that comes unannounced with great excitements, let us live it at that, he concluded.

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