Monday, March 16, 2009

Sexiest Men Alive

Hey,don't know if you've seen this website - if you haven't then you need to keep tabs on it because you got lots, lots to learn therein...and note, i was
referring to the ladies..kidding though.

You could put that lovely babe of yours in.
Latest on is a list of the sexiest men alive. I bet you would agree to
the list, check them out, they're simply hot, sexy, charming guys that's got big P's and definitely got swagger.

Hugh Jackman
Move over, George! The Sexiest Man Alive title belongs to Hugh Jackman now... TheAustralian star topped People magazine's annual list of the most beautiful men on the planet, after he made ladies' swoon in delight in box-office hits, including X-Men, The Prestige and Scoop
40 year old Jackman is also a man of many trades: he can sing, dance, and manoeuvre a weapon... The man's a work of art. Fine art!

Daniel Craig
Number two on the list goes to blue-eyed beauty, Daniel Craig who rips up his Bond role in 007's latest offering, Quantum of Solace
You've got to give it up to this 40-year-old British actor with his muscular physique and striking gaze!

Jon Hamm
Next up is Mad Men's, Jon Hamm who has women drooling in front of their TV sets as soon as the actor graces the screen. And great genes is not the star's only threat: "I'm a really good driver," admits Hamm.

Zac Efron
I like him, simple!
With Zac Efron sizzling on the High School Musical set, it came as no surprise when we heard he had also made it into People's Top 10 list.
I mean come on...who can ignore those mysterious eyes and that defined torso?!

Robert Buckley
Robert Buckley is better known for his risque role in Lipstick Jungle where he often appears shirtless, melting our hearts. And get this: On the People website, Buckley 'fesses up, claiming that "being half naked in front of millions of strangers" is what keeps him in the gym.

Blair Underwood
Remember this LA Law hottie? Well, we think Blair Underwood's rightfully claimed his spot in this year's Sexiest Men Alive pageant. Not only is the current Dirty Sexy Money actor pleasant on the eye, but the man's also gifted with brains AND a rare eloquence. Yummmmy!

Ed Westwick
Dark, mystical and hot. That's how he's come to be known Ed Westwick who plays the infamous role of Charles 'Chuck' Bass in the TV series Gossip Girl

Michael Phelps
He shattered world records at the Beijing Olympics earlier this year and now, Michael Phelps, the man with the uber-hot trunk, has also zipped his way into People's Sexiest Men Alive contest
Not many men can pull off a speedo quite the way Phelps' can...and he's adored him for it!

Blake Shelton
American country music artist, Blake Shelton, also made the list. And what makes him ooze with sex-appeal? "A well-worn truck," says the divine singer, who is dating two-time Grammy Award nominee, Miranda Lambert.

Lang Lang
He's a celebrated pianist in China. Now, Lang Lang is also a celebrated hottie! Lang has been on the piano, practising his symphonies, way before he was even able to walk (Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, but I'm sure you get where I'm at...)

Talking about his piano passion, the sexy star says: "You become part of it. It's a very sexy instrument." Yes Lang, sexy like you!

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