Monday, February 23, 2009

'When Last i thought' 4

The last part finally

When last i thought.....Sex
I wondered and pondered, the sweetness
And the bitterness, the pain and the gains
The fruits and the roots, the fin and the
Turns, the punishment and the achievement
Limitations, the conceptions and the
Abortions, the regulars and the disappeared
The flows and the rolls changing the game
And the agreement, slowly through the months
And the fun of sex, all run with nut.

When last i thought.....wealth
I thought vanity, vanity, vanity
I imagined an empty sky - what does
It hold?
An empty ocean - what does it benefit?
A rotten mouth before tasty meals - of what appeal?
Of what value a fortune without ground to tread?
Wealth - vanity in reality, vanity in eternity
Vanity! Vanity! Vanity!

When last i thought...hate
I wondered, i munched, i murmured to myself
Love and hate ...just a thin line
I love, i hate.
The shapes and faces, the sizes and classes
Beautiful and ugly, i loved, i hated.

When last i thought....destiny
I felt fulfilled, i felt disapproval,
I saw my feet on sands and my palms
On gold, i collected memories of prophecies,
Promises and shared with my destiny
I prayed seriously believing nothing but
My little hobbies, i played strong, just
To keep my hommies and suppress enemies
The counts of fortunes and blessings brings
Hopes to my thought. My dreams revive
Probing my characters to follow suit
I refrained and regained my hopes
Then restored my destiny in my thoughts
It's visible i said.

Quote of the note: Feelings of superiority or inferiority are the same. They both come from fear - Robert Anthony

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